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"Imma break you in two homeboy!"

Trick is a featured fighter and playable character from Def Jam Fight for NY and Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover.


"Trick" is a bit of a misnomer—he's not very tricky. However, he is a strong, straightforward kind of street fighter with enough gritty experience to help him kick some serious ass. Trick is a circuit fighter and floats from venue to venue, but usually he can be found at the Foundation in Highbridge.

Def Jam Fight for NY[]

Hero will fight Trick at The Foundation. He can also be fought at the Syn Energy Power Plant in the free for all tournament. Later on, when Hero switches to Crow's Crew, Trick works as an underling for Memphis Bleek and is fought at The Limit.

Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover[]

If fighting for the Staten Island Crew, Trick and Bo gets into an argument at The Babylon. The beef is settled after the protagonist defeats them both.


  • "Get this piece of trash out my face! He ain't worth nothing!" - Victory outro
  • "WEEEEST COOOAST!!!" - Blazin' Mode



  • Trick uses Razor's rear blazin' move from Def Jam Vendetta.

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