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"Evade the Blade"
—In-Game Description

The Roof is a venue featured in Def Jam Icon.


The helicopter will take you for a ride, so be careful not to get too close to the Roof’s railing, especially if the beat is coming. Be careful around the fuse box on the right side—that big puddle on the ground could be dangerous if the fuse box gets smashed. Other things to look out for when they get wrecked are the industrial strength A/C vents on the left side and the steam pipe on the right. By far the most dangerous of hazards is the helicopter’s tail rotor. Once it drops to the beat it can send you flying across the roof as if you were on the helicopter. The only difference between riding and getting smacked is that getting smacked has a much rougher landing.

Events in Def Jam Icon[]

This stage is used in various fights throughout "Build A Label" mode and is also the final stage used. Playa will fight mostly fight Troy's recruiters and fight Wheatly twice at the end of the game.


Hazard Damage
Helicopter 12.0
Electrical Hazard 8.0
A/C Fans 8.0
Steam Pipe Blast 5.0


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