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"Roadhouse bar known for hot women and a very rough crowd"
—In-Game Description

The Limit is a venue that is featured in Def Jam Fight For NY and Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover.


Crow runs this roadhouse for the time being, and a tough selection of fighters hangs out here. The crowd is rowdy and has no shortage of input, by way of physical intervention or by passing off bottles to make the fights more interesting. Occasionally, a fan hands off a pool cue, which makes nasty work of your opponents if you get creative with it. The wooden pillars around the room serve as hot spots for grappling attacks. You can also grab pool cues from the pillars. First, grapple your opponent with your back to the pillar, then press toward the pillar and grapple again. You grab a pool cue. Use it to smash your opponent in the face, and keep it for further use. A few other objects around the room add to the entertainment. The neon chicken sign on one of the pillars is destructible, as is the jukebox. Swing your opponents like rag dolls into these objects and impress the crowd. The pool table at the room's other end is a sturdy piece of furniture, useful to bounce someone off—an occasion that is sure to arise.

Events In Def Jam Fight for NY[]

Hero will do battle with Cruz, NyneSkull and Trejo. He will also fight Xzibit later on. The player will also be able to meet their first girlfriend with choices to choose from such as Shawnna, Cindy J, Lil' Kim and Kimora. After the player chooses his girlfriend, Nyne will approach Hero and say the girl is with him. Hero then has to fight Nyne for the girl. If Hero wins, he gets Nyne's girlfriend as his own. If he loses however, he will be approached by Shaniqua, and she will become his girlfriend, leaving Blaze, unpleasantly, watching the two leave. On his second visit, Crow arrives at The Limit looking for Hero, offering to double what D-Mob is paying him if he joins his side. Hero declines his offer and leaves to battle with Xzibit, but soon he'll learn that Crow takes no for an answer. During his final visit, Hero will take on Trick, Chiang, and Memphis Bleek earning Crow his club back.


First Visit[]

  • Cruz
  • Nyne (After the player chooses his girlfriend)
  • Skull
  • Trejo (Club Boss)

Second Visit[]

  • Xzibit (Club Boss)

Third Visit[]

  • Trick
  • Chiang
  • Memphis Bleek (Club Boss)


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