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"Fuel The Fire"
—In-Game Description

The Gas Station is a venue featured in Def Jam Icon.


The car wash at the Gas Station is always malfunctioning, so watch out for the large roller brush it's likely to pop out and smack a fighter upside his head. If you want to do some serious damage to an opponent, though, destroy the gas pump to create fiery blasts that erupt to the beat. Destroying the gas pumps also causes the fuel caps in the middle of the ground to explode into the air on the beat. The shopkeeper keeps a fire extinguisher handy, but he's more likely to use it to keep people away from his store. Want to see him in action? Try smashing his shop window.

Events in Def Jam Icon[]

This stage is used in various fights throughout "Build A Label" mode, such as a fight with the stalking fan Stan and against an artist from a rival label.


Hazard Damage
Left Gas Pump 9.0
Right Gas Pump 9.0
Car Wash Roller 8.0
Fire Extinguisher 1.0
Left Gas-Cap Blast 6.0
Right Gas-Cap Blast 6.0
Gas-Cap Hit 7.0


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