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"Yeah fight lovers, The Face Club welcome you to another night of someone elses pain for your entertainment."
—Funkmaster Flex

The Face Club (Afterhours) is a feature and the first venue in Def Jam Vendetta.


At the Face Club, New York headquarters for Def Jam South, Scarface runs the show. Gambling, girls, and hardcore action await any playa who's man enough to step inside. This place ain't for no chumps. The Face is home to hardcore single elimination tournaments once a month where the last man standing takes on Scarface for the ultimate prize.

Events in Def Jam Vendetta[]

The player will have their first experience of the storyline in this venue. Later on, the player will have to encounter House, Pockets, and Snowman in a Handicap match. After defeating Scarface, Deja will approach the player and shows her admiration of his skills then becomes his first girlfriend.


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