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"Enjoy The Show"
—In-Game Description

The Club is a venue featured in Def Jam Icon.


The Club has the most dangerous nightlife in town. The go-go dancers have some nice moves, but if you get too close and the beat drops, they kick you in the head. That's tame compared to the speakers ib the right side. of the dance floor, which can absolutely blow you away. Destroy the big light wall on the left side of the dance floor to create a huge blast on the beat. Not even the center of the floor is safe, lights on the ceiling can shake loose and fall when the beat hits.

Events in Def Jam Icon[]

In "Build A Label" mode, this venue will mark the start of your career. Playa will fight the likes of Big Herc, Johnny Nunez, a few of Troy Dollar's artists and towards the end Wink. This is the only venue where you can meet potential girlfriends. You only have a few opportunities to meet them during story mode.


Hazard Damage
Left Go-Go Dancer 8.0
Right Go-Go Dancer 8.0
Light Wall Blast 10.0
Speaker Blast 8.0
Left Falling Light 6.0
Right Falling Light 6.0


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