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"Nightly battles take place at this redistribution center for stolen vehicles"
—In-Game Description

The Chopshop is a venue that is featured in Def Jam Fight For NY and Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover.


Here in the Chopshop warehouse you find some brutal implements to inflict severe pain on anyone stupid enough to stand in your way. The crowd here is out for blood, and spectators supply you with bolt cutters, crowbars, tire irons, and even mufflers. Aside from the weapons, there is no interference from the crowd, which is separated from you by a metal fence. The Chopshop floor is cold stone, so give yourself a break by taking to the top bar of the ring for high-flying action.

Events In Def Jam Fight for NY[]

This venue is the host of the 2 on 2 tournament. Opponents are listed below. Hero participates in the competition to win a Black Cadillac Escalade. The player is given a choice on who to fight alongside of. Either Ice-T or O.E. Depending on the player choices, the fighter that is not chosen will team up with Magic. After the tournament, the fighter that the player chose will join D-Mob's Crew. Later on, Hero will earn the club for D-Mob after defeating WC, Warren G and Mack 10.


First Visit[]

Second Visit[]

  • WC
  • Warren G
  • Mack 10 (Club Boss)



  • Strangely, This is one of two venues that Hero does not earn back for Crow, despite it previously having a club boss. The other is the Red Room.
  • The Chopshop is the one of three venues that hero does not revisit during the second part of the story mode. The others are the Gauntlet and the Red Room.

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