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"The Southern Corner"
—In-Game Description

The Block is a venue featured in Def Jam Icon.


This street comes alive to the beat. The lowrider at the end of the Block spins out on the beat and hits you hard if you get too close. The other car, on the left side of the house, backfires sometimes, so steer clear of the exhaust pipe. Also on the left side of the house is the telephone pole. Destroy it and you can knock the power transformer down, causing it to overload and trigger a huge blast on the beat. You can cool things down by destroying the fire hydrant near the right side of the house, which creates a huge geyser that erupts to the music.

Events in Def Jam Icon[]

In "Build A Label" mode, players will fight the likes of Fast Hal, a rival artist, Big Herc, Boyd and Greer.


Hazard Damage
Lowrider Tail Whip 10.0
Lowrider Tire Smoke 2.0
Fire Hydrant Blast 7.0
Parked Car Backfire 2.0
Fallen Power Transformer 4.0


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