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"Light It Up"
—In-Game Description

The After Hours is a venue featured in Def Jam Icon.


If you want to fight in the hottest nightclub in town, you have to work your way up in Build a Label mode to unlock this thumpin’ L.A. venue. Once it’s unlocked and you set foot on it, don’t get too close to the go-go dancers. They may draw you in, but once you’re at their feet, you’re at their mercy. Much like the Club in N.Y., the walls, lighting fixtures, and speakers can cause damage in no time. Watch your back.

Events in Def Jam Icon[]

This stage is used in various fights throughout "Build A Label" mode, such as a fight with Johnny Nunez, Troy's recruiters, and Dae Dae.


Hazard Damage
Left Go-Go Dancer 8.0
Right Go-Go Dancer 8.0
Light Wall Blast 10.0
Speaker Blast 8.0
Left Falling Light 6.0
Right Falling Light 6.0


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