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Name Takeshi Arakawa
Hometown Adachi-ku, Japan
Appears in Def Jam Vendetta
Venue Hangout Various
Strengths Power
Blazin' Move (s) Batting Practice (Front)
Blazin' Tornado (Rear)
Occupation Aspiring Rapper

Tank is one of the four protagonists in Def Jam Vendetta.


A talented rapper with a loyal Japanese fan base, Tank came to New York with dreams of scoring a recording contract with a North American record label. So far he hasn't had any luck–his strange Japanese raps don't hold much appeal to North American hip hop fans. Tank started fighting on the New York circuit to make ends meet. A brawler who excels at heavy attacks and power moves, Tank also does tons of damage when diving off the turnbuckle.

Role In Def Jam Vendetta

Tank shares the same role as the other protagonists in story mode. D-Mob ran him out of town long ago, resulting him losing his respect and most importantly his girlfriend Angel. Manny beckons him back into the circuit, after losing a lot of bets. At first he returns to help his friend, but later he has his eyes set on earning back everything he lost. After the defeat of D-Mob, he and Angel leaves the arena and possibly the circuit for good.



  • Tank, along with the other protagonists in Vendetta, are the only characters who has two intros and victory outros.
  • Tank's name appears in the highscores on Def Jam Fight For NY.
  • Tank's rear blazin' move was originally named "Knuckle Ball".
  • Tank is the only character you can play as that wears a cap in the game.

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