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"I wanna hear you scream!"

T'ai is a playable character in Def Jam Vendetta.

Def Jam Vendetta[]

After winning two fights at the Warehouse, T'ai approaches Manny's friend attempting to seduce him only to be interrupted by Deja who claims that he's already taken. A fight between the two begins soon afterwards. Her fate is determined by Manny's friend. If shes selected she'll become the protagonist's new girlfriend even if she loses.


  • " want your mommy?"
  • "Sup baby, you must be tense after all that fighting. Why don't I give you a rub down?"
  • "By your corny ass? Naw I think he's ready for a real woman, ain't you cutie?"
  • "You're about to get your face broken that what's what!" - To Deja


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