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"Don't give me no sass. Or I'll kick yo ass."

Stingray is a character from Def Jam Fight for NY and a store owner.


Stingray has been cutting hair in these parts for decades; the old guy's a fixture by now. He's quite unassuming, so you'd never know he was a real tough guy when he was younger. What many kids don't know is that Stingray used to run a crew in Harlem that had a particularly hard reputation. But those were the old days, he'll tell you. He's rarely inclined to step into a fight, but when it happens it's for something he strongly believes in.

Def Jam Fight for NY[]

The player can purchase different hairstyles and facial hair from him during story mode.

Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover[]

Stingray plays the same role as he did in Def Jam Fight for NY.


  • "You've been whacked, you've been smacked, and you ain't comin' back."
  • "Sit on down, partna. Come on in."
  • "How we doing? You back again?"



  • Stingray uses Method Man's rear blazin move "Method 2 Madness" from Def Jam Vendetta.
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