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Steel is a circuit fighter and a playable character in Def Jam Vendetta.


Tyrone grew up in Pittsburgh, and followed his father into the steel industry. He earned the nickname "Steel" both for his trade and his incredible physique. After several years of Muay Thai training, he entered an underground fight tournament in Philadelphia. He was seen by DMX, who was impressed by his size and raw talent. X brought him back to NYC, hiring him as a personal bodyguard and training him as a prospect in the circuit there. He has quickly earned a reputation as a punishing opponent who makes up for his lack of technical skill with overwhelming strength and power.

Role In Def Jam Vendetta[]

Steel is one of the opponents at the warehouse in story mode.



  • Steel's rear blazin move can be unlocked in Def Jam Fight For NY at Stapleton Athletics. There it's named "Backdrop".
    • His name appears in the highscores.
  • Steel's winning animation is similar to Suspect's.
  • Steel is the tallest fighter in Def Jam Vendetta, standing at 6'10.
  • Steel's front blazin move is used by Erick Sermon in Def Jam Fight For NY.
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