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"Don't worry someone else will come along and take his place. Ain't that right."
—Starks to Jervis about D-Mob

Starks is a crooked cop and a playable character in Def Jam Fight for NY and Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover.


Simon Starks has been a detective for many years, working toward keeping the peace with his partner, Jervis. Somewhere along the line, Starks discovered it was all too easy to make a bit of money on the side with the confidential connections to the underground he developed through busting organized crime. Simon is a corrupt ringmaster, and slowly led his partner down the same path. Starks is an NYPD vet who doesn't seem to have an obvious problem with his back-door deals. You may spot him at some of the fights around town; watch your back.

Def Jam Fight For NY[]

Starks is in the opening story cutscene arresting D-Mob. While the cops are sending him to Jail, their car is hit by Hero's. He is never seen again for the rest of the story.

Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover[]

"Let's see...could it have been payback for bustin' that punk the other night? I keep tellin' you to go with a partner! From now on, you talk to me before goin' on patrol. That's an order!"
—Starks to Jervis

Starks is the secondary antagonist in The Takeover. Starks is in the beginning part of the storyline. After Jervis arrives to the station, he insists that next time he tries to shakedown a criminal, he should bring along a partner. Later in the game, he has secret meetings with D-Mob gathering information on the player's operations. The cops, lead by Jervis and Starks, finally made their move at The Babylon, where the player's crew were celebrating, causing the crew to scatter. The player defeats them both later at the Dragon House.


  • "You messed up, D-Mob."
  • "Don't worry someone else will come along and take his place. Ain't that right."
  • "Look Out!" - Starks' Last line in the game



  • Starks is one of three characters who does not speak in his intro or victory outro. The others are Suspect and Jervis.
    • However, unlike Suspect, the developers added new blazin' yells to Jervis and Starks in The Takeover.
    • It's strange that Jervis and Starks do not talk in their intro and victory outro due to them having voice actors.
  • His blazin' move is the same as Arii's Russian Roulette back in Def Jam Vendetta.
  • Starks is one of the few circuit fighters , who aren't real life people, to appear in at least one cut scene of Def Jam Fight For NY's story mode. The others are D-Mob, Nyne, Skull, Jervis, Lauren and Shaniqua.
  • Strangely, while Submissions is one of his fighting styles as seen in Def Jam Fight For NY's fighter select screen, he may not possess any grapples that can completely wear out opponents' body parts. Shawnna, WC and Fam-Lay all share a similar trait in one of their respective fighting styles.
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