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"I gotta pocket full of pain for you."

Snowman was a one of D-Mob's henchmen and a playable character in Def Jam Vendetta and Def Jam Fight for NY.


Snowman has always been connected to the underground New York scene one way or another. Starting as a street thug, Snowman has risen through the ranks and gained some notoriety as a tough guy. He caught the attention of D-Mob, and now Snowman is working for the big man as an enforcer. Though he's never proven himself in the ring, people stay out of his way because of the friends he keeps.

Def Jam Vendetta[]

Snowman is frequently seen with D-Mob along with Pockets and House. He participated in a handicap match against the player in The Face Club (Afterhours) and is seen retreating after the match.

Def Jam Fight For NY[]

Snowman has fallen out of favor with D-Mob's crew. They generally think he's a wannabe, since he failed to prove himself in some key situations. He runs a clothing shop now, but you may see him at some of the fights around the city.


Def Jam Vendetta
  • "I gotta pocket full of pain for you."
  • "Yo, story's over. Get up outta here."
  • "Angel's not gonna make it."
  • "He'd like you to drop out of Def Jam."
Def Jam Fight For NY
  • "Imma tear you up, like a bad check, punk!"
  • "You ain't worth my skills!"
  • "What's up dog, what's crackin'?"
  • "Hey, look who's back!"



  • Snowman is seen to clearly have a dragon tattoo on each of his arms in Def Jam Vendetta, but no longer in Def Jam Fight for NY. It remains unknown as to how or why he no longer has them.
    • It's more likely that he got in touch with former crewman Manny (Who used to also work for D-Mob but no longer does & currently runs Manny's Tats) & had them removed, but this is just speculation.
    • Him & Manny are also the only two fighters from D-Mob's Crew to pursue solo careers in the circuit after falling out with the crew.
  • Even though Baxter is running the Syndicate Urban Streetwear store in The Takeover, the game still uses Snowman's dialogue when purchasing items. This is a minor mistake.
  • Snowman, Manny, Redman & Method Man are the only characters in the Def Jam games to be seen wearing sports jerseys.
  • Snowman is one of the few veteran characters to return in Fight for NY with one of their previous blazin' moves from Vendetta. The others are D-Mob, Dan G, Manny, Joe Budden, Capone, Redman, Pockets and House.

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