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"Ya big talk now, but ya gon cry like a baby, wen me fracture yo."
—Sean Paul

Sean Paul is a playable character in Def Jam Fight For NY, Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover and Def Jam Icon.


Sean Paul grew up in St. Andrew, Jamaica, where his mother was a renowned painter and he was a skilled athlete, playing for the Jamaican national team. Although his education was enough to land a prosperous career, dancehall music remained Paul's first love. In his early teens, dancehall reggae became Sean's leading passion. Such artists as Lt. Stitchie, Major Worries, and Supercat were important influences. A few years later, as Sean began writing his own lyrics, he busted some rhymes for Cat Coore, Bunny Rugs, and Carrot Jarret of Third World. In 1996, with the release of Baby Girl, Sean Paul began the first of a series of reggae hits that rocked Jamaica. From this sun-soaked base he quickly establish a solid footing for himself amongst the island's dancehall massive. As part of the wave of mid-'90s Jamaican DJs that brought new blood into the Jamaican music scene, he raced to front of the pack. Hardcore dancehall fans were captured by his songwriting and rapping skills and Sean rapidly became a favorite with ladies. The infectious sounds of Sean Paul have already earned the young reggae star a permanent place in Jamaica's musical pantheon. Sean Paul is now leading the influential hip hop–flavored dancehall form into the American mainstream with breakthrough singles "Gimme the Light" and "Get Busy" from his Dutty Rock album.

Def Jam Fight For NY[]

In Def Jam Fight For NY, Sean Paul works and fights for Crow in the Babylon club in Flatbush. His capoeira fighting style devastates opponents with speed and acrobatic moves. He's later fought during the Chopshop tournament.

Def Jam Icon[]

In "Build A Label" mode, Sean Paul plays as an unsigned artist. If available, the player can sign him as their third artist.


Def Jam: Fight For New York[]

  • "Murder in 'ere, dis bitch just git smoked! Lite up de kutchie!" - Victory Outro
  • "RAS CLAT!!!!!" - Blazin Mode
  • "And now ya bloodclot boy!"
  • "Time up pussy" - Picking up a weapon
  • "Bye Bye"
  • Live and learn, boy!
Story mode
  • "Yo, Wha gwan yute? Ya feel de fire ya know. So pack it up before ya git burn, pussy!"
  • "Alright ya git lucky but de next time, Six feet deep an' ting!"
  • "Ey Whatta gwan. Yo ya make a big mistake pissin' off magic. He won't know when I outdone yo. Ya bedda watch ya back, seen!"




  • Sean Paul's blazin' move is named after his song "Shout (Street Respect)" from his second album Dutty Rock.

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