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Rush is a character featured in Def Jam Icon. He is voiced by and modeled after Russell Simmons.


Late 40s. Rush was the founder and CEO of a record label, as well as Curtis Carver’s mentor before conspiratorial circumstances forced him into hiding a decade ago. Feeling the threat from outside forces, he orchestrated his own disappearance in hopes of protecting those around him. He has since remained underground, watching the industry from whatever mysterious hiding spot he has built for himself, following hot up-’n’-comers like you from a quiet distance. After Carver’s murder, Rush contacts you (as an “unknown, mysterious stranger”), helping you out as best as he can from the safety and obscurity of hiding. He introduces himself near the end to provide a key, climactic bit of encouragement and wisdom. Personality: Soft spoken, but very wise and intelligent. He has witnessed the birth and maturity of the hip-hop industry, and has the strength of character it takes to navigate the political gauntlet that surrounds it. He is the moral center of the game, encouraging you to take the noble, non-violent route.

Def Jam Icon[]

Rush was secretly the unknown sender that was helping Playa throughout the storyline. He had sent The Icon the SIM chip and explained that the SIM chip was sent to him so as to deal with all the trouble, as it is untraceable and conversations on it are safe as long as it is not used to call people who might want to trace the call back. His identity was not revealed until towards the end of the game, where he payed for the surgery done on Playa's face. Rush then urges him to use his new face to start a new life, but Gooch insists that he should use it to hit back at Platinum, using the tape to his advantage.


  • Russell Simmons is the co-founder of Def Jam.
  • Rush is named after Russell Simmons' media company Rush Communications.
  • Russell Simmons' ex-wife Kimora appeared in Def Jam Fight For NY.

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