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"I'm gonna stomp a hole in you punk!"

Rome is a featured fighter and playable character from Def Jam Fight for NY and Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover.


Rome is a newcomer to the underground fighting scene, and loves partying as much as he loves a good scrap. He moved to New York to pursue an acting career but was quickly disillusioned by the scene and ended up making more money using his physical talents. He can be found honing his skills at Syn Energy Power Plant in Astoria.

Def Jam Fight for NY[]

Hero will fight Rome at the Syn Energy Power Plant.


  • "Heh, thanks chump! You're the easiest money I ever made."
  • "YEAH!!!" - Blazin' Mode
  • "I got you now"



  • Rome uses Iceberg's front blazin' move from Def Jam Vendetta.
  • Rome shares the same victory quote with Erick Sermon.

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