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"Sticky's combustible warehouse hideaway"
—In-Game Description

Red Hook Tire Co. is a venue that is featured in Def Jam Fight For NY and Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover.


Step into the burning ring of fire. This inferno is going up around you, so waste no time or you end up crispy. The fire continues to grow as the fight goes on, and the usable area of the ring gets smaller and smaller as the building burns down around you. This is an intense solo fight, with no crowd distractions at all. Waste no time putting your opponent down. The only weapons are pieces of the burning building, coming down all around you. Use the flaming chunks of wood falling from the roof to turn up the heat on your opponent. Use two wooden posts as environmental obstacles, which are destructible after a few solid hits. Remember that the flames are getting higher all around you. One step out of the ring for either fighter, and he'll be hot-stepping it around the ring with a bad case of blisters. Stay away from the fiery ring if you want to get out of this building as one uncooked piece. Use your pushing strikes or grapples to keep your foe on his heels, back up against the flames.

Events In Def Jam Fight for NY[]

After Hero discovers where his girlfriend is being held, he heads inside to find Sticky pouring gasoline around the warehouse plotting to make the fiery murder look like an accident. After exchanging a few words, Sticky uses his lighter to ignite the gas, creating a ring of fire around them. After Sticky dies, Hero hurriedly carries his girlfriend out of the burning warehouse. Hero has no time to try and wake her before the police arrive, leaving her fate ambiguous.




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