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"Let's see what you got."

Opal is a playable character in Def Jam Vendetta.

Def Jam Vendetta[]

After the player defeat N.O.R.E., either Deja or T'ai (depending on the player's choices) will compliment him on the match but will be interrupted and insulted by Opal. Opal will then try to convince Manny's friend to dump her. This prompts another cat fight.


  • "Next time, keep your hands to yourself"
  • "Why don't you buy a paper bag for a head while you're at it?" - Opal to the protagonist's girlfriend
  • "Hey, when you gonna ditch this chickenhead and get a real woman? - Opal to the protagonist
  • "Not after I bust yo ass." - Opal to the protagonist's girlfriend



  • Opal's rear blazin' move is used again in Def Jam Fight for NY by Kimora. There it's named Phat Special.
  • Opal is the shortest character in Def Jam Vendetta, standing at 5'3.

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