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"I'm kicking your ass up out of here!"

Omar is D-Mob's childhood friend and a playable character in Def Jam Vendetta.


Omar grew up in the same neighborhood as D-Mob. They used to buddy around together after school and on the weekends. In their teens, Omar moved, but the two still kept in contact. Once D-Mob hit it big, he convinced Omar to come to New York and hired Omar to look after one of his nightclubs. Now the head bouncer and manager, Omar decides who goes and who stays.

Def Jam Vendetta[]

Omar's first and only appearance in the story is at the very start. He opens the door of the Face Club when he notices it is one of either of the protagonists the player can pick to start the story with, who returns to the fight circuit. However, before Omar could run him off, Manny, the protagonist's friend, arrives and tells Omar that he's with him. Omar then let's the hero go in thanks to Manny. After this short cutscene, Omar doesn't play a significant role in the storyline, but he is an unlockable fighter.


  • "Pick up your raggedy ass and get out of here" - Victory Outro



  • Strangely, in the official strategy guide, the guide uses Deebo's portrait in Omar's profile and vice versa. This could be either a mistake by the guide or the developers misnamed the characters.
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