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"Nina: "Are you alright? I saw you tangling with that man out there. Here, let me give you my number."
Playa: "What should I do with this?"
Nina: "Call me, you know. In case you need some TLC."
—Nina giving Playa her number.

Nina Nicole is a featured character and potential girlfriend in Def Jam Icon.


Nina Nicole shines from the Land of Lincoln and now emanates from the ATL. On stage or in real life, Nina Nicole is a complex individual, but one can best describe her as the grown-up version of that pretty girl in school that little boys had silent crushes on. An actress/model, Nina has an extensive list of magazine and music video appearances to her credit, alongside a growing film role list.

Def Jam Icon[]

In Build A Label mode, Playa catches her attention after defeating Johnny Nunez. The player can choose to date her or not, as with all the other girls the player meets, depending on his response to the first inbox that the player gets from the girl.



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