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Muay Fly is one of the fighting styles featured in Def Jam Icon.


Nobody can throw it down better than Ludacris and his Muay Fly style.


Derived from traditional Muay Thai boxing and adapted by street brawlers, Muay Fly is an extremely fast and deceptively powerful martial art form. Though its strengths are rooted in speed and countering, Muay Fly fighters can hold their own in most any kind of match. More often than not, Muay Fly fighters will rely on their strengths to get them through a pinch, but find that their skills are just well rounded enough to be slightly more adaptable than their speedy Jah Breaka counterparts.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Strength Rating Weakness Rating
Song switching 5 Scratch Speed 2
Directional Counter Speed 5 Grab Speed 2
Get-up speed 5 Grab Break speed 2

Fighting As[]

Muay Fly is by far one of the most fun martial arts. Good choice, young buck. Muay Fly is a fighting style for big kids. With just enough speed to land quick strike combos and enough power to cause significant damage, you can approach a fight with multiple strategies. Chop down your opponent little by little or counter off blocks to keep momentum in your favor. No matter what, the song switching speed grants you a boost in almost every fight. It’s really up to you how well you use this speed-based style. Power-based styles like Beatboxer and Street Kwon Do will have a hard time defending against Muay Fly.

Fighting Against[]

The first step in defeating a Muay Fly fighter is to rob him of his music boost. Once that’s in your favor, keep him from switching back by throwing him into hazards as much as possible. He may be able to get up quickly, but if you time your throws well, the damage will be done. When he is within range of striking distance, grapple him again and put a pounding on him. Balanced fighting styles are a Muay Fly fighter’s worst enemy. Go with Ghetto Blaster or Black Panther to get the advantage.

Muay Fly Roster[]

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