Appears in Def Jam Vendetta
Venue Hangout Sanctuary
Strengths Power
Blazin' Move (s) Hallelujah (Front)
Bearing the Cross (Rear)
Occupation Preacher
"Sinner, I have thy penance here within my blessed fist!"

Moses is a circuit fighter and a playable character in Def Jam Vendetta.


The son of a minister, Moses was raised under the strict guidance of God. From a young age, Moses has always preached that the sinners of the world must change their ways. His frustration and disgust for the ill-hearted and misguided has taken the fight against sinners from a mental one to a physical one. Using his size and power, Moses has made it his mission from God to rid world of sinners, one at a time. His crusade is now under way, starting with the underground fight scene in New York.

Role In Def Jam Vendetta

Moses is the final encountered fighter in Sanctuary during story mode.


  • "Here endeth the lesson part one and two."



  • Although he does not make an appearance in Def Jam Fight For NY, Moses' name is seen in the highscores.
  • Both of Moses Blazin moves seem to have a tribute to the cross in some degrees.

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