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"Melyssa: "Excuse me, you're not a Libra are you? The way I saw you handle yourself out there, I can see you've got a lot of balance."
Playa: "Yo baby, I don't really subscribe to all that astrology stuff."
Melyssa: "Hmm. Well maybe you just need to keep your eyes on the right stars."
—Melyssa meeting Playa

Melyssa Ford is a featured character and potential girlfriend in Def Jam Icon.


Melyssa Savannah Ford, born in Toronto, is a model and actress of West Indian, Norwegian, and Russian descent. She attended York University and studied forensic psychology. She was discovered by a music video director at a Toronto nightclub, which helped launch her modeling career. She has been in several music videos, numerous magazines, and a number of television and film appearances. She hosted BET’s How I’m Livin’ series, and is currently the host of BET’s lifestyle show BET Style. She writes a monthly advice column for Smooth magazine and has a successful line of calendars and DVDs.

Def Jam Icon[]

In Build A Label mode, She is seen in the cutscene where Playa meets Carver. Playa can catch her attention at style point level 100,000. After a fight is over at the Club, she approaches you. The player can choose to date her or not, as with all the other girls the player meets, depending on his response to the first inbox that the player gets from the girl.


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