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"Mayra: "Hey, you move real good out there. You know how to dance?"
Playa: "Naw, that ain't me."
Mayra: "Well maybe I'll call you up. Teach you how. You know....private lessons?"
—Mayra Verónica talking to Playa

Mayra Verónica is a featured character and potential girlfriend in Def Jam Icon.


Mayra Verónica is a star of Hispanic television in America, a regular face on Univision’s Don Francisco Presenta. Born in Havana, Mayra Verónica Aruca Rodríguez was heavily influenced by her father, Arturo, a singer for the once-popular rock group Los Dada. In addition to several other Univision commitments, Verónica has been featured in ad campaigns for Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, and Burger King. Her beautiful image has appeared in countless magazines, including FHM and Smooth Girl, and her future in film looks rosy after a number of independent film roles.

Def Jam Icon[]

In Build A Label mode, She is seen in the opening cutscene and ending cutscene. Playa can catch her attention at style point level 35,000. After a fight is over at the Club, she approaches you. The player can choose to date her or not, as with all the other girls the player meets, depending on his response to the first inbox that the player gets from the girl.


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