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"Watch it! I'm having a really bad day."

Lauren is a featured fighter and a playable character in Def Jam Fight for NY and Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover.


Lauren moved from California recently, having transferred to the New York City Police Department. She works closely with Jervis and Starks and has quickly and quietly established herself with the underground fighting scene in her aspirations of pursing an undercover career. But she's no pushover. Living in L.A taught her to scrap, and she's not afraid to let loose. Every once in a while Lauren pops up at certain venues to lay the smack down on the boys.

Def Jam Fight For NY[]

Lauren appears after Starks and Jervis was hit by Hero's vehicle. She sketches the Hero's face as described by Jervis. Lauren is an unlockable character through Battle Mode Rewards.

Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover[]

Lauren has the same role as she did in Def Jam Fight for NY. Sketching out the player's face.


  • "Next time, show some respect." - Victory Quote

Story Mode

  • "Just try your best to remember. Take a look at the mugshots." - To Jervis
  • "Any here match the suspect?"
  • "Ok. let's get started."
  • "Next I want you to describe the suspect's face."
  • "Which mouth should we use?"
  • "What kind of hair did he have?"
  • "Is this the man we should be looking for?"
  • "Is this the perp?"
  • "Is this the guy?"
  • "Now let's try to match a voice."



  • Lauren is one of two female characters in the Def Jam Games series, that is not available as a girlfriend. The other is Carla.
  • Lauren's blazin' move is the same as Carla's rear blazin' move "2 Hot 2 Handle."
  • Lauren was voiced and named after Lauren Wirtzer, who works for Def Jam Enterprises.
  • Lauren is one of the few circuit fighters , who aren't real life people, to appear in at least one cut scene of Def Jam Fight For NY's story mode. The others are D-Mob, Nyne, Skull, Jervis, Starks and Shaniqua.
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