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Jah Breaka is one of the fighting styles featured in Def Jam Icon.


See if you can keep up with Kano's Jah Breaka moves.


Jah Breaka fighters are speed demons. Their art form is perfect for picking away at opponents. They can switch songs quickly, but are slow to activate hazards. That means that they usually just rely on their counter techniques and striking. Jah Breaka is one of the most unbalanced fighting techniques available. Fighters are fast to lay quick strike combos, but really slow to grab, grab break, or scratch. Only advanced players need apply to this school of fighting. You can unlock Jah Breaka when you hit 500,000 style points and unlock 'icon' status.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Strength Rating Weakness Rating
Song switching 6 Scratch Speed 1
Directional Counter Speed 6 Grab Speed 1
Get-up speed 6 Grab Break speed 1

Fighting As[]

If you’re gonna be a Jah Breaka, rest assured that you won’t be kept down. The enemy might knock you down every now and then, but you’ll be on your feet before your opponent can get close enough to cause more damage. If you study the art of Jah Breaka, be prepared to cause the most damage after blocking and countering directional attacks. Jah Breaka fighters can definitely hold their own against Beatboxers and Street Kwon Do fighters.

Fighting Against[]

Beating down a Jah Breaka fighter requires patience. He can strike, back off, and quickly strike again before you know it. So knowing when to spring on a Jah Breaka fighter is the key to winning. Don’t try to overpower him; he’ll only use his counters on you and make you look like a fool. Don’t fight a ground war with a Jah Breaka fighter; he’s too quick and will get up in no time. So how do you win? Easy, youngblood, let him come to you. You’ll quickly see a Jah Breaka’s intentions as he approaches; he wears his intentions like a cheap tattoo. So when a Jah Breaka gets in close, do like a cheap tattoo and make him look bad. Jah Breaka fighters are particularly weak against balanced styles like Ghetto Blaster and Black Panther.

Jah Breaka Roster[]

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