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Move out1 "Yeah... Move out your five dollar ass before I have to make change. "
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"I'll cut your damn throat."

Iceberg is a circuit fighter and a playable character in Def Jam Vendetta.


Mack Parker grew up on the outskirts of Miami and moved to the big city to make his fortune. After a brief and unsuccessful stint as a bag man, he quickly found his calling: manipulating women into doing just about whatever he wanted them to. Of course, Mack would claim that he provides services–protection and whatnot. After many years operating a successful "business," Mack finally hit on the wrong girl: the wife of a Colombian drug lord. Once he heard there was a price on his head, he fled north to New York City. Now, he's fighting to make enough money to disappear for good.

Role In Def Jam Vendetta

Iceberg is encountered in Sanctuary during story mode.


  • "You spend more time on your back than some of my bitches."



  • Iceberg's front blazin' move is used by Rome in Def Jam Fight For NY.
    • His rear blazin' move is used again by Baxter.
  • Iceberg could be based on pro wrestler Charles Wright's alter ego "The Godfather".
  • Iceberg is possibly named after the late reformed pimp and author "Iceberg Slim".
  • Though not named after him, Ice-T's blazin' move is called "Iceberg".

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