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"I'm gonna run right through you, chump!"

Ice-T is a playable character in Def Jam Fight For NY and Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover.


Born Tracy Morrow in Newark, New Jersey on February 16th, 1958, he was raised in the ganginfested, pimp-heavy streets of South Central Los Angeles. He began rapping about his daily activities while still in high school. In fact, his nickname was borrowed from the infamous pimp-turned-writer Iceberg Slim. Friends urged him to take his talents into a recording studio, where he recorded several rap singles. His first on-screen appearance came in 1984 when the producers of Breakin' asked him to rap in the film. In 1987, Ice-T finally signed with Sire Records and released his major-label debut, Rhyme Pays, which quickly went gold. His 1988 follow-up, Power, went gold amidst critical acclaim. Ice-T was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1990 for his hit single "New Jack Hustler." Ice-T’s film roles include appearing in New Jack City, Ricochet, Trespass, and Johnny Mnemonic. Ice-T currently stars in NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as NYPD detective Detective Fin Tutola which is his fourth project with executive producer Dick Wolf.

Def Jam Fight For NY

Ice-T works for Crow. He's first encountered at Club 357 threatening to take over the club. After his defeat, by the hands of Hero, He sends a message to the player paying his respects. He later meets Hero at The Chopshop where he offers to team up with him for the tournament, however O.E. intervenes and gives the same offer, leaving the player to make a choice. After the tournament, if the player chooses him, he'll send the player a message saying that if he needs his help just call him. If not chosen, he'll team up with Magic instead. After their defeat, he'll send a threatening message to the player telling him to watch his back. The player will also fight him later in the one on one Gauntlet tournament.

Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover

If fighting for the Manhattan Crew, Ice-T sends a message needing backup for an issue involving The Bronx Crew member Slick Rick.


  • "You earned my respect kid. It ain't easy to beat the Iceberg." - Ice-T to Hero after Hero defeats him at Club 357 via text message.
  • "We were unstoppable last night man. You ever need anything just say the word. Iceberg got your back." - Ice-T to Hero after their victory at The Chopshop tournament via text message (Determinant).
  • "I'm gonna run right through you, chump!" - Intro
  • "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" - Blazin' Taunt
  • "Do yourself a favor, just lay there and play dead."
  • "That's how it done."
  • "Oh yeah you know it."
  • "This is for me."
  • "Meet some of my friends."
  • "Drop a heat on your ass!"
  • "I suggest you stay down!"
  • "The fix is in."
  • "Get him!" - When doing an audience move
  • "Who's the hussle now?"
  • "Time to change the game!"
  • "Who's been hustled now?
  • "Destroy that chump!"
  • "Here you go!"
  • "Works like this."
  • "Thats how we do it!"
  • "Pay attention son!"
  • "Say goodnight!"
  • "It stops right here!"
  • "It's all about the money, baby!"
  • "Give yourself a favor and just lay there."
  • "You're screwed, now!" - When doing an audience move
  • "Stop playin'!"
  • "Time to show you some respect!"
  • "Blast him!" - When doing an audience move
  • "Time to pack it up!"
  • "This won't be pretty!"
  • "I've got you now!"
  • "Screw this!"
  • "Somebody! Oh! Call an ambulance!"
  • "Time to die."
  • "No escape now!"
  • "Ain't nothin' stopping me!"
  • "Who's hustlin' who?"
  • "That's how it done."
  • "More of that comin."
  • "This is for me."
  • "I'll put you out."
  • "No one can save you now!"
  • "Somebody call a ambulance!"
  • "Time to hit the shower!"
  • "You feel me?"
  • "Take this!"
  • "You're nothing but a punk, ya daddy's a punk, and yo mama's a bitch." - Victory Outro