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If your looking for the venue from Def Jam Icon, see The After Hours.

"Auto wrecker's is a disposal site for unwanted materials and fallen fighters"
—In-Game Description
"Scene of a vicious late night beatdown"
—Afterhours' In-Game Description

Hunt's Point Scrapyard (After hours) is a venue that is featured in Def Jam Fight For NY and Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover.


If you want to really get a bloody groove on, the scrapyard is the place to go. This wide-open area is surrounded by several vehicles—including two tow trucks, a jeep, and a bulldozer—upon which you can smack the largest of foes. Use the door of the tow truck to launch a special attack after you smash your opponent through the window. Humiliate your opponents with the help of the industrial garbage bin: If you smash your opponent into it, you gain access to a large metal pipe. The crowd gets into this one, not only physically but also with tail-kicking weapons, including a board wrapped in barbed wire, tire irons, and long sections of steel pipe. Put the hurt on anyone unlucky enough to face you in this venue!

Events In Def Jam Fight for NY[]

Hero will fight in this venue during the Free for all tournament. Later he'll be forced to fight Teck, a hard hitter from baltimore. In his third visit, he'll defend Blaze in a 2 on 2 match against Magic and Crack. This venue will later be used in bonus fights.


First Visit[]

Second Visit[]

  • Teck (Boss Fight)

Third Visit[]

  • Magic and Crack

Fourth Visit (Bonus Fight)[]



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