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"Ey yo, you sure you want some of this? Dead man walking over here!"

Havoc is a playable character in Def Jam Fight For NY and Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover.


Havoc is one half of the duo Mobb Deep and has established himself as one of NY’s premier rap producers. His beats are ominous, using strings, piano, and synth stabs to deliver an overall elegance. With this trademark sound, Havoc has created several successful albums for himself and Prodigy as Mobb Deep, in addition to working for numerous rappers such as Nas. Along with his revered production style, Havoc has a rapping style that flows over his crafted beats. When Havoc was in his teens he produced Mobb Deep’s debut album, Juvenile Hell in 1993 and launched their careers. In their next album, The Infamous, Havoc bounces right back into the next chapter of life, death, and music. The duo’s next albums (Hell On Earth, Murda Muzik, Infamy, and Murda Mix Tape) have taken their rap sound to the next level each time. Now they’re back with their newest album, Amerikaz Nightmare, with the hit singles, "Got it Twisted" and "Real Ganstaz."

Def Jam Fight For NY[]

Havoc is first encountered at his stomping grounds in the Syn Energy Power Plant during the first round of the free for all tournament, then in The Chopshop team tournament alongside Prodigy and again at the Syn Energy Power Plant before facing Slick Rick.


  • "Ey yo, little tip. Try blocking with your hands instead of your face, bitch." - Victory Outro
  • "Yeah, 41st side, cousin!" - Blazin mode
  • "Yeah look at you, you frustrated"
  • "How you like me now?"
  • "See how it is?"
  • "Here we go again!"