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"Underground parkade that was the site of a legendary rumble"
—In-Game Description

Gun Hill Garage is a venue that is featured in Def Jam Fight For NY and Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover.


In Gun Hill, you find two tight rides and a crowd with a craving for a comprehensive collision. You can expect a lot of crowd intervention here, because the "ring" is long and narrow, with onlookers along its full length and between the cars. Work the fans and use them to your advantage with crowd double-team moves. Use the cars, too, and destroy the rides by dragging your opponent across them. If you break the side of a vehicle door three times, you can use the door to perform a vicious attack: Stick your opponent's head in the door and smash it (set this up from a strong grapple against the door). When the door is completely smashed, a muffler rolls out from under the vehicle, ready for use. If you completely smash a windshield with your opponent, you gain access to a windshield wiper weapon. The crowd also supplies several weapon types—tire irons, bats, and a few other tools for good measure.

Events In Def Jam Fight for NY[]

After defeating Lil' Flip at the Gauntlet, Hero, Blaze and Hero's girlfriend head back to the Garage to leave. Suddenly, Magic appears along with Crack to deliver a warning message to Hero, to stay out of Crow's clubs. Hero taunts Magic by saying that he should get "a real fighter." This prompts Magic enough to start a fight with him.


  • Magic (Boss Fight)



  • Gun Hill Garage is in the same location as the Gauntlet.
  • If a fighter manages to shatter a window of a SUV, usually after the same environmental move is used three times, the match will result in a Totaled KO instead of the standard KO.
  • Gun Hill Garage is one of five venues to have a unique announcer. The others are Dragon House, Syn Energy Power Plant, The Babylon and The Pit.
  • In "The Takeover" , only the Cadillac Escalade is present in the ring instead of two and the venue's layout is completely different.

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