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"This is Grimeyville people! Grab some grub, check out the view and watch the next matchup."
—Funkmaster Flex

Grimeyville is a venue featured in Def Jam Vendetta.


Grimeyville, located in the heart of Lefrak, Queens, a rough and tough hood, belongs to N.O.R.E. The Grime, set high up the rooftop, jumps on the weekends. We're talkin' BBQs, girls, and plenty of whoop-ass once the fights go down. If you're bad enough to find yourself in the ring with Dead Arm himself, watch out, 'cause homeboy never loses on his home turf.

Events in Def Jam Vendetta[]

The player faces off with N.O.R.E. during story mode. After the match, Opal approaches the player and insults the player's current girlfriend and then starts a fight with her.



  • This venue is succeeded by The Heights in Fight for NY.

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