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Greer is a crooked cop and the tertiary antagonist of Def Jam Icon.


Like Boyd, Greer is one of Wheatly’s crooked cops. Greer, however, is closer to Wheatly and is considered the lieutenant’s right-hand man. He didn’t get to that position by being a weak-ass busta’, either. He made it by always leaving an impression on the competition. He is one of the game’s strongest Ghetto Blasters, bringing all the fury of the ghetto to every fight. How so? He’s a dirty cop! He doesn’t care about holding back or fighting honorably. He’ll do whatever it takes to come out on top; that includes using every hazard, kicking you while you’re down, and any other trick in the book—so fight using every trick in your book, too.

Def Jam Icon[]

Greer is Wheatly's right-hand man. He first appears after Playa defeats Big Herc at The Club offering Playa a drink, but ends up rejected by Curtis Carver, who seems to have recognize him, and left the club with Playa. Officer Wheatly wasn’t too pleased with how Playa snubbed his boy Greer earlier, so he decided to make his own impression. Greer was also involved during the encounter Playa has with Wheatly. He sneaked up behind him and punches him in the spine and then holds him while Wheatly was talking. He later gets into a brawl with Playa's second artist in a attempt to arrest him at The Block. Despite being defeated, the artist is still arrested. Later, during Carver's cutscene as seen in the beginning, its revealed that Greer and Wheatly murdered Carver and pinned the murder on Playa, who escapes incarceration. Greer ends up tailing him to his penthouse as Playa was trying to leave. After Playa was shot by Wheatly, Greer, who believes he's dead, is shown burying Playa before he loses consciousness. He gets into one final fight with Playa at the Executive Suite resulting him being defeated. As the game moves into a scene where Playa, Gooch, Mayra Veronica and Christine Dolce can be seen talking in the club, Greer and Jacobson can be heard talking over the phone in the background. Towards the end of the conversation, where Jacobson instructs Greer to find out who the new player is, Greer says he got "one guy left" and Wink can be seen extending his hand to Playa, before the scene goes into the game's closing credits.


  • Greer has a lot of physical features towards DMX. In fact, his name is metaphor for Greer SC where DMX lives.
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