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Ghetto Blaster is one of the fighting styles featured in Def Jam Icon.


Method Man's Ghetto Blaster attacks can lay down a serious beating.


Even though its name makes it sound like it’s all about power, Ghetto Blaster (the second of the balanced art forms) is a finesse form. Ghetto Blaster fighters require a good “touch” to handle well. Using a good mix of grab attacks, strong strikes, and scratching is typical Ghetto Blaster style. Don’t get the wrong idea, though. The style is called Ghetto Blaster for a reason; they make very good use of the music blasting in the background.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Strength Rating Weakness Rating
Song switching 4 Scratch Speed 3
Directional Counter Speed 4 Grab Speed 3
Get-up speed 4 Grab Break speed 3

Fighting As[]

Ghetto Blaster fighters live and die by the streets, so they also rely on the streets for their strength. That said, rely on the background beats to lay down the pain. Use scratch techniques, grabs, and an overall balanced attack to slowly but surely whittle down your opponent. Ghetto Blaster fighters have an easier time against quick styles like Muay Fly and Jah Breaka.

Fighting Against[]

You wanna beat down a Ghetto Blaster? Take his beat away. Switch the song and take away his primary advantage. If he can’t use his scratching skills to their fullest advantage, he’s at a disadvantage the entire fight. The good thing is that he’s weak at song-switching, so once you’re in a groove with your own track, you can easily maintain momentum. Most Ghetto Blasters have a tough time squaring off against Beatboxers and Street Kwon Do fighters.

Ghetto Blaster Roster[]

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