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"Ey yo, this is what you want? A'ight well you bout to get it right now, scrap up young'n'!"

Fam-Lay is a featured fighter in Def Jam series and is a playable character in Def Jam Fight For NY and Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover.


Fam-Lay was introduced to rap by a neighbor, who used to leave his music equipment at home. When no one was home, Fam-Lay would sneak up and start experimenting. Absorbing the old school sounds of Slick Rick and KRS-One, Fam Lay laid the foundation for his passion and in the end, his success. Fam-Lay's hip hop songs from down south are leading the rap culture in a new direction. His debut album Traintogo, from Def Jam, brings a sense of fun to the art form.

Def Jam Fight For NY[]

In Def Jam Fight For NY, Fam-Lay spends his time chilling around Seventh Heaven with the rest of Crow's local fighters.

Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover[]

If fighting for the Brooklyn Crew, Fam-Lay sends a message needing backup for an issue involving The Bronx Crew member Slick Rick.


  • "Y'all not on my level. You a crumb! Stop tryna messing wit the cake, brotha!" - Victory Outro



  • The name of his blazin' move is most likely a reference to The Neptunes' record label Star Trak Entertainment as Fam-lay was signed to the label. In the TV series Star Trek, the intro always starts with the iconic phrase "Space, the final frontier".
    • Fam-lay's hand gesture in his rendered image looks similar to the Vulcan Salute.
  • Strangely, while Wrestling is one of his fighting styles as seen in Def Jam Fight For NY's fighter select screen, he may not possess any real wrestling strong grapples that actually can KO opponents(save for only his strong rear grapple move). Shawnna, Starks and WC all share a similar trait in one of their respective fighting styles.