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"Sound and Fury"
—In-Game Description

Executive Suite is a venue featured in Def Jam Icon.


The Executive Suite has the ultimate sound system within the recessed wall behind the desk. It's so powerful it can shake the whole building to pieces. If tings get hectic enough, a heating pipe might break through the wall and rubble can start falling from the ceiling. Smash through the trophy case on the left side of the venue and see what treasures await. Finally, be careful around the private elevator. Once it's broken, it offers a quick one-way trip to the ground floor.

Events in Def Jam Icon[]

In "Build A Label" mode, this stage is first used in when Troy reveals who was leaking songs from Carver's Label. Then later in an ambush attack on Playa's third artist, then against Troy Dollar and finally against Greer.


Hazard Damage
Speaker Wall 10.0
Safe Door 8.0
Left Falling Debris 6.0
Right Falling Debris 6.0
Steam Pip Blast 7.0
Elevator Shaft 100.0


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