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"Eeh, come bout, yuh wah come war wid badman?!"
—Elephant Man

Elephant Man is a featured fighter in Def Jam series and is a playable character in Def Jam Fight For NY and Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover.


The boisterous Elephant Man (aka Energy God) was born in the Seaview Gardens area of Kingston, Jamaica. Shabba Ranks and Bounty Killer were also Seaview residents, and with King Jammy's studio not so far away, Elephant Man had an early exposure to dancehall culture. In his full-length debut, Comin' 4 You!, Elephant Man incorporated the hip hop rhythms he loved. Elephant Man is already a massive hit in his homeland of Jamaica, as well as in Europe. Look out, 'cause Elephant Man has come to the United States in a big way—and he's about to take dancehall to another level. His latest album, Log On, follows the success of last year's debut Comin' 4 You!

Def Jam Fight For NY[]

The player will fight him multiple times during story mode. First at The Babylon Nightclub, then in the second round of The Chopshop tournament along with Sean Paul and finally at The Heights in Queens.


  • "Beat it! And I don't do autographs." - Victory Outro
  • "Don't worry, it can be over quick."
  • "I told you I'm crazy!"
  • "Damn I'm good!"
  • "Sugar! Weh we fi do wid di fight?!" - Blazin mode
  • "Pussyhole, pick up yuh teeth dem"




  • Elephant Man's blazin move is named after his 5th album of the same name.