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"Straight to the ground! That's where you going!"
—Dan G

Dan G is a circuit fighter and a playable character in Def Jam Vendetta and Def Jam Fight for NY.


Dan G. was born in Jamaica, but raised in the USA. His family moved to New Jersey when he was less than a year old. He grew up learning capoeira and breakdancing around the Tri State area with a b-boy crew calling themselves The Str8 Breakers. The breakdancing bubble had burst by the end of the eighties, and Dan G. tried to make a name for himself as an emcee. He started street fighting as a means to pay for his demo, but found he had a knack for it. Now Dan's a star in the underground, busting heads with a style that keeps the crowds calling his name. He still dreams of being a famous rapper, but for now he finds happiness in the ring.

Role in Def Jam Vendetta[]

The player faces off with Dan G during the storyline in Sanctuary.

Role in Def Jam Fight for NY[]

Dan G is a frequent and popular circuit fighter who works the old-school scene down at the Terrordome, in Soundview. The player must face him before they fight Crazy Legs. He is also found at The Heights.


Def Jam Vendetta[]

  • "Put your knuckles up and let's dance!"
  • "Let me break the news. You're Out!"

Def Jam Fight For NY[]

  • "Straight to the ground! That's where you going!" - Intro
  • "I'm bringin' heaven!"
  • "Oh yeah! You know it!"
  • "Wassup, sucka?!" - after performing Blazin' Move
  • "Stupid punk bitch! Go back to the streets." - Victory Outro



  • Dan G is one of the few characters to return in Fight for NY with one of their previous blazing moves from Vendetta. The others are D-Mob, Manny, House, Pockets, Joe Budden, Redman, Capone and Snowman.
  • Bo uses Dan G's front blazin move in Def Jam Fight For NY.
  • Dan G's intro quote in Vendetta is likely a reference to Redman's song "Smash Sumthin'," specifically the line "Push your knuckles up and dance with it."
  • Dan G could possibly be based off LL Cool J as they are both from Queens.
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