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Move out1 "Yeah... Move out your five dollar ass before I have to make change. "
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See D-Mob's rival crew, Crow's Crew.

"A beaten dog may fear you, but the second you turn your back he's going to strike. Real power comes from respect!"

D-Mob's Crew is a criminal organization featured in Def Jam Vendetta and in Def Jam Fight for NY. The protagonist, Hero, is recruited to this group.

About The Crew

D-Mob started out as Darrell Lewis, and grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. While still in his teens, he turned a neighborhood corner into a network of hustlers who worked for him. By the time he came to New York, he was a bonafide crime lord. In his bid to control the city's underworld, he began buying up clubs all over town, running illegal fights and gambling operations out of them. Over time, D-Mob grew a large and loyal crew of followers, held together by mutual respect and a code of street ethics. D-Mob's Crew follows the code of Money, Power and Respect. If you done these boys wrong in the past, it won't take long for them to settle the score.

Members (Before the events of FFNY)


Club Bosses


Former Members

1 denotes Japan version of Def Jam Vendetta


Def Jam Vendetta

Def Jam Fight For NY


  • Most of their cutscenes in Fight For NY includes a blue tint.
  • Their code of Money, Power and Respect is possibly based on The L.O.X. debut album of the same name.
  • It's possible that D-Mob's Crew are inspired by the Cash Money Brothers, a criminal organization from the movie, New Jack City.