See Crow's rival crew, D-Mob's Crew.

Crow's Crew
Crow's Crew
Intimidation, Brute Force, Deception
Also Known As Crow's Crime Family
Game(s) Def Jam Fight For NY
Leader Crow
Crow's Office
The Limit
The Babylon
Syn Energy Power Plant
Red Room
Club Murder
The Terrordome
The Chopshop
7th Heaven
The Pit

"There's only one code out here that matters: ride or get rolled on!"

Crow's Crew is a criminal organization and the main antagonist group in Def Jam Fight for NY.

About The Crew

Crow started out as a gang-banger on the West Coast before making his way to New York and hooking up with D-Mob's crew. Formerly D-Mob's advisor, Crow was dismissed from the crew a few years back after the two failed to see eye-to eye on business strategies. Since then Crow has been biding his time, looking for an opportunity for payback against his old boss. Crow's crew are dangerous heavy hitters, who runs by the code of Intimidation, Brute Force, and Deception. It's best to think twice before you cross them, because if you look at them the wrong way it might just be the last time you look at anything.



Club Bosses/Caporegimes




Def Jam Fight For NY Crow`s Crew

Def Jam Fight For NY Crow`s Crew

Def Jam Fight For NY - Crow's Crew

Def Jam Fight For NY - Crow's Crew

All of Crow's Crew's Blazin Taunts (Fanmade)

Crow's Crew
Leader: Crow
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