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"Yo, you got to be crazy stepping up in here with me."
—Crazy Legs

Crazy Legs is a featured fighter in Def Jam series and is a playable character in Def Jam Fight For NY and Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover.


The Rock Steady Crew was established in 1977 by Bronx b-boys Jimmy D and Jojo. They had rivals in all five boroughs of New York, and for every rival there were 10 kids who wanted to be down with them. Getting into the original crew was not easy—you had to battle one of the other b-boys in the crew. It was a competition few people won. They began to learn how to fight at a young age. In 1979 when the b-boying hype was beginning to die down, Jimmy D put Crazy Legs and Lenny Len down with Rock Steady just in time to add new life to the art form and take it to the next level. This was at a time when Crazy Legs moved to Manhattan. Going back to the Bronx every weekend became too difficult for Crazy Legs's pockets. He then started to explore the hip hop scene in Manhattan more often. Crazy Legs spent most of his time developing his craft in tenement building hallways and battling b-boys. Eventually he hung with the ones he felt had an original style. Now, with the Rock Steady Crew's 27th anniversary on the horizon, they have plenty of goals in sight. The Rock Steady Crew has performed throughout the world but remain very active in the community.

Def Jam Fight For NY[]

The first time you fight your way through the Terrordome, you'll find Crazy Legs running the show for Crow. Time to bust some old-school butt.


  • "You see? Thats what sets us apart! I'm still dancing." - Victory Outro
  • "Throw yo joints up!"
  • "Rock Steady Crew!" - Blazin Mode
  • "Pick up your dice, I mean your teeth."
  • "Something for punk ass!" (When getting weapon)
  • "I'm gonna bust you up".



  • Crazy Legs' blazin move is named after his break dancing crew of the same name.
  • Crazy Legs's moveset cannot be learned in any of games he appears in making him the only fighter in the Def Jam series with a unique fighting style.