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"Damn! It's a shame you don't got no insurance, cause you damn sure gon be leaving in a wheel chair."

Comp is a featured fighter and a playable character in Def Jam Fight for NY.


Comp is one of hip hop’s latest heavy-weights. Originating from the bowels of Baltimore, he’s making his mark in the music industry. With hard banging street themes like "B-More Anthem," "Call You Out," and "Bang," Comp is taking the hip hop scene by storm. However, the streets perspective isn’t all he has to offer, his versatility and musical mastery has produced club bangers like "Be With You" and "Fire." His single "Harder" testifies to his deep knowledge of the entertainment industry. It also provides insight and encouragement to other artists, while making it apparent that the created position of a superstar is full of ups and downs. His experiences have fortified an unbreakable confidence fueled by the desire to make it. Many people ask what Comp stands for; it is an acronym meaning "Clever on Many Perspectives" and his music is true to the name.

Def Jam Fight For NY[]

In Def Jam Fight For NY, you’ll find Comp working for D-Mob at the Syn Energy Power Plant.

Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover[]

If fighting for the Staten island Crew, Comp sends a message concerning issues about the crew and asks to meet at Hunt's Point Scrapyard, but the protagonist figures out the real reason why he called him there and both settled their dispute in a fight.


  • "I broke you once and I'll break you again and again and again then one more time, oh yeah really!" - Victory Outro
  • "WHOOOOOOOO!!!" - Blazin' mode
  • "See, you don't listen!" - Obtaining weapon
  • "Back off, bitch!" - Environmental Grapple
  • "Oh I own you, just like my 2-way!"




  • Before Comp was featured in Def Jam Fight For NY, his songs "Do Sumthin" and "Stick 'Em" were in Def Jam Vendetta.
  • Comp shares a similar victory quote with Bubba Sparxxx.