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"Christine: "Hey, I know you. I saw you on BET. You're the new hotness on the charts."
Playa: "Maybe, But uh...not nearly as hot as you."
Christine: "Hmm. Remember you said that when I call you up."
—Christine talking to Playa

Christine Dolce is a featured character and potential girlfriend in Def Jam Icon.


Christine is a former cosmetologist turned model through an immensely successful page on MySpace. Also known as “Forbidden,” she has been claimed “The Queen of MySpace” by Vanity Fair magazine for having well over 1 million friends on MySpace in a matter of only a couple years after joining. Christine has been featured in such magazines as Stuff, Rolling Stone, AskMen, and Playboy. She has also appeared on a number of television programs, including The Tyra Banks Show and Jamie Kennedy’s Blowin’ Up. In addition to her MySpace profile, Christine has launched her own successful fashion line, Destroyed Brand.

Def Jam Icon[]

In Build A Label mode, She is first seen at Carver's celebration after signing their second artist and in the ending cutscene. Playa can catch her attention at style point level 75,000. After a fight is over at the Club, she approaches you. The player can choose to date her or not, as with all the other girls the player meets, depending on his response to the first inbox that the player gets from the girl.



  • In real life, Christine Dolce died on February 6, 2017 at the age of 35, from liver failure.

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