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"Let's get it on."

Carla is a playable character in Def Jam Vendetta.

Def Jam Vendetta[]

Carla appears in Club Luda, where she greets the protagonist's girlfriend, who expresses her boredom of him. They both leave him behind to find someone better.


  • "Nice try baby."
  • "Hey there honey, how you doing?"
  • "What do you say we blow this sausage factory? I'm tired of these wannabe G's. Let's go find a real G spot."



  • Carla is one of two female characters in the Def Jam Games series, that is not available as a girlfriend. The other is Lauren.
  • Her blazin move's are used again in Def Jam: Fight For NY by both Shawnna (front) and Lauren (rear).
  • In an early version of Def Jam Vendetta Carla had a different front Blazin' move which is not in the final released game. It is unknown why this move was removed from the final version.

    Carla's beta Blazin' move

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