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Stayout "Ey yo, shut up and listen man! A'ight, Crow wants you to stay out of his articles B. That's it. Or we gonna give you a dirtnap!"
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"Ey yo, I'm build to smash you partna! Now Imma break yo goddamn neck!"
—Busta Rhymes as Magic

Magic is a featured fighter in Def Jam series and is a playable character in Def Jam Fight For NY and Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover.


Busta Rhymes has an impressive résumé. His outrageous style became clear with the group Leaders of the New School, which came on the scene with their 1991 masterpiece Future Without a Past. He's honed his talents since then. A breakthrough guest appearance on A Tribe Called Quest's classic Scenario cemented his rep as a hip-hop prodigy. His platinumplus debut effort The Coming confirmed that Busta was more than just a voice. His monumental first single "Whoo-Ha! Got You All In Check" provided a showcase for his acrobatic rhyming style that has stood with him through six albums (The Coming, When Disaster Strikes, and E.L.E.—The Final World Front, Anarchy, Genesis, It Ain't Safe No More) and myriad guest appearances. During his amazing career he's worked with superstars such as Mary J. Blige, Boyz II Men, Jermaine Dupri, Sean "Puffy" Combs, Redman, and others, as well as snagging acting roles in Finding Forrester, Shaft (2002), and John Singleton's Higher Learning. His burgeoning Flipmode label added another tier to his entertainment empire with the gold-selling Flipmode Squad debut, The Imperial.

Def Jam Fight For NY[]

Now, dare to go face-to-face with this submissions fighter who loves nothing better than putting the hurt into an opponent and having to call the ambulance in Def Jam Fight For NY. Busta Rhymes fights as "Magic" and is an enforcer for Crow. You find him getting ready to bust some heads in the Chopshop. You cross his path in a team tournament. Later on he sends you a very direct message from Crow at Gun Hill Garage. Towards the end of the story mode, Magic is seen beating Blaze up with a bat then orders Hero to finish him off, in which the player refuses and knocks out WC instead. After Blaze and Hero defeat Magic and Crack, Magic reveals the location of Hero's girlfriend. Later, in Crow's Office, he aims a gun behind Hero's head, but goes against Crow's order to kill him and hand Hero the gun instead. It's assumed that he joined D-Mob's Crew not long after.

Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover[]

Around the second half of the storyline, Angel accidentally messed up Magic's shoes. She apologized, but Magic insults her, catching the attention of the protagonist, who challenges him to a fight. He later kidnaps Angel only to be defeated once again by the protagonist at the Red Hook Tire Co..


  • "Who turn the lights off? Somebody ain't pay the electric bill or some shit? Circuit breaker tripped out or something? Oh that was me! Pardon me. My bad." - Victory Outro
Story mode cutscenes
  • "Hey, yo, you know I'm taking this home with me tonight, right? Shee... I might take you home with me too, baby." - Upon approaching the Hero's girlfriend at the Chopshop.
  • "You sure about that, homie? 'cause I'm a type of punch a whole in your face right now."
  • "Hey yo, shut up and listen man. Aight? Crow wants you to stay out of his clubs, B. That's it. Or we gonna give you a dirtnap!"- After approaching Hero.
  • "Oh! Heh, so you's a real fighter, huh? Let's see how well you do fighting on your own."
  • "Finish him."- After handing his bat to the Hero, telling to finish Blaze.
  • "Stupid move."- After the Hero saves Blaze by hitting WC.
  • "I won't do you any good anyway, man [...] We ain't never gonna let her live anyway, man. [...] She's being held in a old tire factory in Brooklyn."- After handing his bat to the Hero, telling to finish Blaze.
  • "Ey yeah, you know what? Fuck this shit. He's all yours." - After he turned against Crow and gives the gun to Hero.
Story mode messages
  • "You're gonna pay for wrecking my ride, bitch."
  • "Hey, little funny boy. We ain't gonna ask you nicely next time. You overstand me, a'ight? So I suggest you take Crow's offer and all of that. You know, do dues in your best interest and things in that nature. A'ight, homie?"




  • Busta Rhymes' blazin' move is named after his song of the same name from his 6th album It Ain't Safe No More...
  • In the original trailer found on Youtube, Magic was thrown onto the train tracks by Hero and hit by a subway car. This was changed in the final trailer. It can be found here. [1]