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Name Mathew Elam
Hometown Dallas, Texas
Appears in Def Jam Vendetta
Venue Hangout Various
Strengths Grappling
Blazin' Move (s) Vertabuster (Front)
The Chiropractor (Rear)
Occupation Former U.S. Marine

Briggs is one of the four protagonists in Def Jam Vendetta.


Briggs is one of the four heroes that can be selected in Story mode. Dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Marines for striking a superior officer, Briggs lost himself in the New York fight scene as a way of forgetting his past. Your basic street fighter, Briggs uses a mixture of martial arts and brawling. He excels at power slams and submission moves.

Role In Def Jam Vendetta

Briggs shares the same role as the other protagonists in story mode. D-Mob ran him out of town long ago, resulting him losing his respect and most importantly his girlfriend Angel. Manny beckons him back into the circuit, after losing a lot of bets. At first he returns to help his friend, but later he has his eyes set on earning back everything he lost. After the defeat of D-Mob, he and Angel leaves the arena and possibly the circuit for good.


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  • Briggs, along with the other protagonists in Vendetta, are the only characters who has two intros and victory outros.
  • Briggs' name appears in the highscores on Def Jam Fight For NY.
  • Briggs' default appearance gives him a slight resemblance to Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil series.
    • Briggs' third alternate outfit gives him a slight resemblance to Duke Nukem from the Duke Nukem series.
    • Briggs' hair gives him another resemblance to Guile from the Street Fighter series. Also since both characters came from military, Briggs' seems like a homage also to one of Capcom's most popular characters. With the default making him look very similar to Charlie Nash. Once again, Another character from the Street Fighter series.
  • Despite Briggs not talking in cutscenes, when he blazes he says "yeah".

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