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Black Panther is one of the fighting styles featured in Def Jam Icon.


Step up or get snowed under against Young Jeezy and his Black Panther style.


While Black Panther fighting style shares the same strengths and weaknesses as a Beatboxer, the ratings actually make Black Panther fighters a different animal altogether. Black Panther style is one of the most balanced styles. Truth is, the weaknesses and strengths only differ by a margin of one. That’s it. One. One point separates a Black Panther fighter’s strengths from his weaknesses. So to say that there is one true way to declaw a Black Panther is completely wrong. Balanced fighters know how to handle themselves and are great at adapting. Be warned: Black Panther fighters don’t go down easy.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Strength Rating Weakness Rating
Song switching 4 Scratch speed 3
Directional counter speed 4 Grab Speed 3
Get-up speed 4 Grab break speed 3

Fighting As[]

There are two types of Black Panther fighters: Those who know how to maintain the balance of give and take in a match, and those who lose…a lot. If you’re going to be a Black Panther fighter, you gotta know when to block, when to counter, and when to lay into the opposition. Don’t rely on one skill too much or you’ll only end up playing into your opponent’s strengths. Because this style has decent directional counter speed and good grab speed, Black Panther style is great against quick styles like Muay Fly and Jah Breaka.

Fighting Against[]

Yeah, sure, they may be balanced, but they ain’t unbeatable. A Black Panther fighter is often very reserved in how he attacks. He’ll analyze your technique and flip the script on you. To make matters worse, he can incorporate his environment into his attack easier than most. Beat a Black Panther fighter by making him rely on one thing too much. If you’re constantly throwing him across the venue, he’ll have to rely too much on grab breaks. If you overpower him with stand-alone directional attacks, he’ll have to rely on reversals. Once you make a Black Panther fighter one-dimensional, he’s all yours. Power-based styles like Beatboxers and Street Kwon Do are great against Black Panthers.

Black Panther Roster[]

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