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"Hahahahaha. You can't stop me son!"

Baxter is a featured fighter and playable character from Def Jam Fight for NY.


You can't get any more old school than Baxter, who in the '80s was soaking up the cool, sly wit shown by our favorite sitcom stars. Baxter has been on the scene for some time, and he's got the skills to prove it. If you ask him, leaving Atlanta for New York was the best thing he's ever done. Baxter is a regular circuit fighter and runs an arcade in a busy part of town, where he plays all the classic fighting games and dreams up new moves to throw down on his real-life opponents. You'll find him chillin' with the rest of the old-school crowd down at the Terrordome in Soundview.

Def Jam Fight for NY[]

Hero will duke it out with Baxter at The Terrordome during the storyline.

Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover[]

Baxter appears to run the Syndicate Urban Streetwear (SUS) store around this time as he frequently sends the player messages about new clothes.


  • "You seein' those stars right about now?"
  • "OH YAAAAAAAAHH!!!" - Blazin mode
  • "I'm too fast for you"
  • "Haha. No escape now!"



  • Baxter uses Iceberg's rear blazin' move from Def Jam Vendetta.
  • Baxter is one of the few new game created circuit fighters to be playable right from the start in Fight For NY and The Takeover. The others Meca and Santos.
  • Even though Baxter is running the Syndicate Urban Streetwear store in The Takeover, the game still uses Snowman's dialogue when purchasing items. This is a minor mistake.
  • Due to The Takeover taking place before the events of both Vendetta & Fight for NY, Baxter may have sold the clothing store to Snowman hence why the latter owns it in Fight for NY, but this is just speculation.
  • Baxter is one of two fighters in Fight for NY to have a campaign trailer despite being a fictional character. The other is Nyne.
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